INTERVIEW: MUSE – Quincy Brown

If there’s one person who can single-handedly change the vibe in the room as soon as they walk in, it’s Quincy Brown. At only 24-years old, Quincy is nothing less than a multi-talented mogul: From acting in the upcoming film Dope (with Shameik Moore, Tony Revolori, Kiersey Clemons, Kimberly Elise, Chanel Iman, Tyga, Blake Anderson, […]

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INTERVIEW: Bullet & Snowfox

Casual-mod-classic rock-babe + normal hipster from Pittsburgh with a dog = music that will make you cry while you’re dancing. After meeting on Craigslist, they have been making dance rock music that is not only catchy, but also relatable. “We want people to want to dance and have fun, but we’re also a rock band,” […]

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INTERVIEW: Lego Artist Andy Bauch

For some, playing with Legos may have been a great childhood pastime, but for Andy Bauch, an artist and software developer from Queens, New York, Legos are more than just toys. Bauch utilizes hundreds, if not thousands, of Lego pieces in order to create extraordinary mosaic artworks. We had a chance to meet with him […]

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De cómo un parque se hizo un gimnasio popular en San Fernando

El Parque Recreacional de San Fernando ofrece clases de ejercicio, yoga, pilates, spinning, baloncesto para los jóvenes, clases de natación, un campamento de día durante el verano, y artes culturales para personas que quieren aprender el baile folklórico, percusión azteca, o que quieran convertirse en aprendiz del programa premiado de maestro de mariachi. READ MORE: De […]

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Producer: CSUN Matador News

Producers: Karen Guzelian, Nick Popham and Ala Rabhi. CSUN celebrates Water Day. Matador News reporter Lauren Llanos talks to Geography Professor Dr. Amalie Orme about the event, and CSUN Women’s Basketball coach Jason Flowers talks about the team’s trip to the NCAA Finals. Anchors: Cherney Amhara, Katie Fauskee, Karina Garibaldi and Robert Zamora.

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