Producer: CSUN Matador News

Producers: Karen Guzelian, Nick Popham and Ala Rabhi. CSUN celebrates Water Day. Matador News reporter Lauren Llanos talks to Geography Professor Dr. Amalie Orme about the event, and CSUN Women’s Basketball coach Jason Flowers talks about the team’s trip to the NCAA Finals. Anchors: Cherney Amhara, Katie Fauskee, Karina Garibaldi and Robert Zamora.

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Local Clothing Company Lands Distribution Deal with Nordstrom

A few years after its establishment, ARKA Clothing launched its collection in Nordstrom’s online store. Last month a variety of ARKA production began retailing at the Nordstrom stores. Since 2009, ARKA has been distributing its collection of t-shirts and accessories to several retailers across the U.S. and more than 11 countries worldwide, with Nordstrom being […]

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Spring enrollment drops 8.7 percent

Following numerous section cuts and hundreds of students being unable to get their classes, a major decrease in student enrollment has occurred this semester. Although enrollment has been decreasing since 2009, this spring enrollment has decreased by 8.72% compared to last year. As of Feb. 29 there were 23,084 students enrolled at PCC, according to Crystal Kollross, […]

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