Spanish Tutoring

I currently work with a great language tutoring service called Strommen Inc. I tutor several students in various levels – from beginners who just love the language to advanced students who need someone to talk to and practice their communication skills. I love working with both children and adults! Here are some of the the things current and former students have to say:

Yelp Reviews & Evaluations

“I’ve been taking Spanish classes with Karen G. for a few months. She’s great! Super patient and a good teacher, but what really stands out about her is how much fun she is to talk to. It’s a lot easier to get excited about a Spanish conversation class if your conversations are about subjects you actually enjoy with someone who is smart and funny — She’s the best!”

“I wanted to learn Spanish for years, and finally bit the bullet and signed up for a class with Karen from Strommen. It’s been a wonderful experience. Karen is a fantastic tutor, she makes the very daunting prospect of learning a new language seem possible and she’s making it fun. She’s personable and approachable and has a great teaching technique. I’m very happy with the services provided.”

“My Spanish lessons with Karen bring me great joy. They are fun, totally customized for my learning interests and challenge my language skills at a high level.”

“Karen has been great, she’s easy to work with and I feel comfortable with the pace of learning without any pressure.”

“Karen’s a great teacher and I really enjoyed working with her.”

“I decided to take private tutoring lessons with Karen G.  She is listed as being based in the Glendale area, and I asked to have a teacher that was closest to where I lived.  Now having taken classes with Karen for the past two months, I feel so lucky and grateful that I was paired up with her.  From our first class, she has always been very caring and dedicated to helping me achieve my goals of reviewing Spanish and was particularly excited to help me learn more medical Spanish.  Every class with her feels productive.  She is great about sending me reminder emails for classes, assigning me homework, and is flexible with scheduling.  She makes the extra effort to research specific things I want to work on (medical vocabulary, conversational dialogues, giving directions etc.) and brings printouts or pdfs on her iPad for us to go over during class.  She is great about answering all my questions during class time, corrects my pronunciation and mistakes when I make them, and is also just a very warm and friendly person to be around. “